E. All of The Above

Edgars my Name ain't that a shame?

Vaguely Positive

So you want to know who I am? Its funny because I’m more inclined to tell my life story to the internet, where I know it’ll fall on deaf ears and I’m my sole reader. I’ve been negative my whole life, a little bullied, and obese(Not so much now:)). I’ve tried to be positive but it hasn’t worked and now I’m on Prozac, and it feels just fine. I don’t really open up to people because I feel like I’ll depress them to all hell. That doesn’t mean I’m trying to keep you away, all it means is I’m telling you that at that very moment I’m fine and that is all that matters. But you say its not fair that I don’t share? Well what should I say? I’ve always felt like I was confined to four walls? I’ve never really felt like I’ve had friends till recently? I don’t know how to react with proper emotion? My life has been mainly shades of blue? with a few bright spots of color in between? How would you react to that? Would you ┬ástill like me? I hope so because you’re one of those few bright spots in my life.

Am I alone in feeling this way? probably not

Did I react accordingly? I could’ve done a lot better

Do I want to lose you? no,so I’m staying vaguely positive…

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